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What Customers have to say about LED By LITE's bike lights:
"Yay lights!!" Posted by Lizel on 4th Nov 2014
A woman would pass me once a week or so and she had these lights. I knew with the darkness of winter coming quickly I wanted to have them for my bike. I was able to talk to her and find out where she got her amazing bike lights. I bought them as soon as I got to a computer. I couldn't be happier...

"Product speaks for itself, superb customer service" Posted by Heather on 30th Oct 2014
Ok, so maybe it's because I live in the same town as the creator and he physically met up with me and helped me get it on my bike that afternoon, but the customer service just couldn't be better. Brandon has even designed a work around so the back lights can be moved from my back fork to the back of my bike rack...

"Keeps my son safe on the road!" Posted by Jill on 30th Oct 2014
My son rides his bike to and from various activities regularly. With all the distracted drivers on the roads, I am happy to have found a product that will help him get noticed on his bike and keep him safer. LED By LITE is easy to use, very visible...

"Bright, Easy, Reliable - Always get compliments" Posted by Steven Brown on 25th Oct 2014
I am very impressed by this product. It impresses others too. Whenever I use them, people say "nice lights", "cool lights", or "where did you get those?" There is no question about visibility any more...

Worth every penny! Posted by David Stunell on 3rd Sep 2014
I cannot recommend these enough, after a helmet these should be you top safety consideration/buy for you or and loved one who powers their own two wheels! Thanks guys!

Stay Safe - Become A a Relevant Vehicle

A true 360 degrees visibility
Anti-Theft System
Flexibility, Fits all Bicycles
Turn Indicators
48 LED's around 4 bike light strips

LBL has revolutionized bicycle light systems by treating bicycles similar to all other vehicles on the road. With patented LED bike light strip technology, LBL systems replicate high-end cars and motorcycles.

led bike light strip